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What “The Walking Dead” Taught Me About Ending Homelessness.

I like “The Walking Dead”. A lot. And its mass appeal gives me the indication that a lot of other people do as well. So, what’s the appeal? I have my theories, but I think in many ways it’s less a story about zombies than it is about collaboration, and the human question, “what are we capable of becoming?” In desperate circumstances, what are the paths that we take as people that lead us to excel, fail, change, give up, or overcome. Watching the show actually stresses me out. It’s not one of my more relaxing hobbies, but I enjoy it nonetheless. But, there are definitely morals to the story that I think resonate with all of us. I know they certainly do me. So, I’d like to examine some areas in terms of ending homelessness where the show has given me insight (and I will speak in generalities, so as to not create spoilers for those who may be a season behind).

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The Manifesto

“So what is it that you actually DO?” I get that question a lot. Almost as much as I get the question, “Oh “Zach Brown”? Like the band?” And boiling down what we do into an “elevator pitch” (being able to explain your organization in the time it takes to ride an elevator to your destination floor) can be a tall order. Honing in on our identity as an organization and deciding where time is best spent is an ongoing struggle and an ongoing work in progress. It’s a question of vision, management, funding, and the ability to remain flexible and realistic. It’s the ultimate exercise in “switching gears”.

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The Obligatory Blog Introduction

“So, the Coalition has itself a blog, does it?” you may be asking. Well, yes, yes we do. It’s been a long time coming, and we fancy ourselves an opinionated, informed, progressive group of people, and a blog seemed the natural e next step in our ability to reach out to communities. As with all things we do, however, this blog will have some organization about it, and a purpose. In short, it will come with some general rules, both for the public and us. Not hard and fast rules, necessarily, but friendly ground rules and really more of a promise to you in terms of expectations and what purpose we want the blog to serve.

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