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Data quality is a term that refers to the reliability and validity of client-level data collected in the HMIS. It is measured by the extent to which the client data in the system reflects actual information in the real world. No data collection system has a quality rating of 100%. However, to meet the goals set forth by the WV statewide implementation when presenting accurate and consistent information on homelessness, it is critical that the HMIS have the best possible representation of reality as it relates to persons experiencing homeless and the projects that serve them. Specifically, the goal is to record the most accurate, consistent and timely information in order to draw reasonable conclusions about the extent of homelessness and the impact on the homeless service system. To that end, each CoC will collectively assess the quality of our data by examining characteristics such as timeliness, completeness, and accuracy.

HMIS Data Completeness & Exit Destination Grades

Data completeness and accuracy grades for providers are posted below for each month. These are per agency and show overall grade per project. The grades pull from the ART 252 Data Completeness Report Card and also a report on exit destinations. Many providers select the response No Exit Interview Completed when an individual disappears, but providers are strongly encouraged to stay in communication with clients in order to select a better response for destination. Emergency shelters receive a 25% allowance for the response No Exit Interview Completed, as this response may be applicable on occasion.  The Data Completeness Report will be pulled cumulatively, and the new destination report will be pulled month-to-month. Coordinated Entry and Outreach are exempt from destination reporting.

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Data Completeness Report Card - DCRC - by Month
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